The origin of this project

The idea of this project is to obtain the initial financing, to rebuild and reform an old farmhouse and create a winery with the intention of introducing wine to the young public and to urban and underground culture. The initial budget is very high, but little by little we will achieve it. Every year, Explicit Wine will produce a wine with an artist of urban genre known as for example: Kid Buu, Lil Uzi, $ uicide Boy $, Ghostmane, Lil Pump, Smokepurp, Da bayby among others.

Every year we will try to make a collaboration with an artist, but also maintaining the intention of relating Explicit Wine with its public, lovers of urban culture and wine.

Also, if we create the winery in the old farmhouse, totally different activities will be offered, promoting this culture and upcoming artists.

These activities will be related to explicit things, such as weed and wine pairing, rap, trap and hip hop concerts and many more crazy ideas.